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Zoning Ordinances, building permits and covenants, how does it work?

Our design is pre-approved by the state of Wisconsin to meet building code. In regards to zoning our additions are categorized as an addition, no special exceptions. If you need help checking to see if your zoning code allows a Linked Living™ home addition contact us and we’ll help you check.

How do you connect electrical, plumbing, and HVAC?

All utilities are hooked up to the existing home. We prepare connections for all utilities in the existing home before we deliver the Linked Living™ home addition. When the Linked Living™ home addition arrives we simply connect the Linked Living™ home additions utilities to the prepared connections from the existing home.

Can I customize my Linked Living™ home addition?

Customization is available upon request, contact us for details. Options include but are not limited to; flooring, window location, interior wall locations, paint colors, cabinetry layout and style, lighting, heating, plumbing fixtures.

Does it connect to the existing house or is it completely disconnected?

Linked Living™ home additions can be built as connected additions and also as detached units although zoning may restrict options for certain properties. Contact us to find out what’s allowed on your property.