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How do you do electrical, plumbing, and HVAC?

All utilities are hooked up to the existing home. We prepare connections for all utilities in the existing home before we deliver the Linked Living™ home addition. When the Linked Living™ home addition arrives we simply connect the Linked Living™ home additions utilities to the prepared connections from the existing home.

Zoning Ordinances and Covenants, where does Linked Living™ home additions fit in?

They are categorized as an addition, no special exceptions needed.

Does it connect to the existing house or is it completely disconnected?

Linked Living™ home additions connect to the existing home with a hallway. The hallway gives separation to the two living spaces and also has its own exterior door for friends or caregivers to enter. Being connected makes it easy and comfortable to move between the two areas.

Where do you build the Linked Living™ home additions?

The modular addition is built at our production facility. After trucking the home to you, we put them together and finish details.

What is the normal payment plan for a Linked Living™ home addition?

Linked Living™ home additions are typically paid for using a mortgage similar to an addition. To speak with our local financing representative, contact us and we will help get you in touch.

I like the idea of moving my parents into my home but am not sure that I can provide them with the medical assistance they need, what do you recommend?

In many cases, in home nurses can provide all of the professional treatment needed. In home nurses can enter the Linked Living™ home addition through a private entrance and provide treatment.

How big is the Linked Living™ home addition?

Our additions which include bathrooms come in 280, or 420 square feet living spaces.

I think our backyard is too small, will it fit and be allowed?

Different cities and municipalities have different requirements. However, we have found that most often they do fit. Many individuals have been surprised that Linked Living™ home additions fit and are allowed in their seemingly smaller backyard. If you’re concerned about your own lot, contact us. We’ll do the math and let you know.

What happens if I want to remove the Linked Living™ home addition in 20 years when my parents are no longer around?

We’ve designed and built Linked Living™ home additions to be easy to remove. In normal circumstances we can handle the removal and restore your yard to its original state. There is even potential for these homes to be resold to Seniors First Remodeling LLC.

Is the addition set on a concrete foundation?

No, we have designed a foundation system using metal piers instead of a concrete foundation to keep the job cleaner and allow removal.

Can the addition be remodeled back to original condition if the addition is removed?

Yes, under normal conditions this can be done. We consider this an essential part of the removability aspect of Linked Living Homes.

Does a Linked Living Home come with a kitchen?

Linked Living™ home additions contain a kitchenette area with a sink, microwave, cabinetry, and counter space but without a stove or oven. However, the resident will have easy access to the existing home’s kitchen. Linked Living is designed to share areas like the kitchen, dining room, and laundry in order to save costs and promote family living. Kitchens will be available shortly, currently only available with special request.

How is it heated?

Linked Living™ home additions come with a cozy gas fireplace. Heating and cooling are both thermostat controlled independent from the existing house. Electric heat is available as an option upon request.

Can I customize my Linked Living™ home addition?

Customization is available upon request, contact us for details. Options include but are not limited to; flooring, window location, interior wall locations, paint colors, cabinetry layout and style, lighting, heating, plumbing fixtures.

Do I need to buy a Link, or can I buy a Linked Living™ home addition without it?

You do not need to buy a link. You can purchase a Linked Living™ home addition with or without the link.