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Modular Home Additions
For Seniors and Those with Special Needs

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Where Affordability, Independence and Family meet.






Your preferences and our professional experience come together to design your home.  We'll work together as a team.

Your home is built as independent modules within the walls of our production facility.

Modules are shipped to your location. Your house will be prepped for utilities and structural connection previous to this step.

Your new home is attached to your existing house and construction is completed in as little as 2 months.

Check out the Video Below!

It's a Family Thing!

We are ALL about family!

We are a family owned and operated business working to bring families together.

Our Speciality


Building for seniors and those with disabilities requires special awareness.  It's very important to be proactive regarding designs and construction.  Making modifications to a home after an accident has happened is already too late, it's also likely to cost more. 

We study, plan, and are certified to be proactive, prevent accidents, and build a home that will accommodate your progressing needs.  

Accessibility Basics

1. Pocket Door

2. Extra Wide Doorway

3. Raised Toilet

4. Wall Backer for Grab bars

5. Shower Grab Bar

6. Zero Barrier Entry Shower

7. Wheelchair Accessible Sink


Bathroom Layout

The Linked Living Experience


Save what you’ve earned for the people you love.
We know seniors have worked hard for their savings and would like to pass it onto the people they love. We would like to help make that happen.

Reasonable Payments

Monthly payments can be lower than rent for a small
apartment. It’s important to remember that unlike other housing options you will hit a point when you will own this home and no longer need to make payments. The most practical payment structure for our product is with a mortgage and monthly payments.

Think Long Term

Being considerate of future needs will help save money in the long run. When comparing assisted living and other paid services it can be multiple times more expensive than a linked living home addition. Take time to think how to best prepare for your family's financial future.


The addition can be thought of as an apartment that connects to the family’s house.

There are doorways both to the outside and to the family’s house making the suite an independent living space. The link we’ve created separates the two areas, increasing privacy.

Enjoy living Independently.


When your loved ones cannot live independently they need help.  Nobody will care for them the way that family does.

Taking care of your family is a sacrifice and a great service you can be proud of. Taking the leap to take care of your loved one is likely something you will never regret.

Welcome your loved ones home.

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