Independence made easier.

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If your loved one is ready for their own place but isn't fully capable of living alone, Linked Living Homes is a great option to accommodate your family's needs.  

These are modular home additions that attach to your existing home and act as a separate apartment suite.  A hallway or "link" connects the two homes.

They give family a place to call their own but remain nearby so you can assist them with daily needs.


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Linked Living Home Additions are usually paid for by use of a mortgage.  We have worked with Nicolet National Bank and they are knowledgeable about our product; however other banks have all told us this is similar to other home addition loans. 


The monthly payment could be similar to paying rent at an apartment complex and significantly less than any form of assisted living. An additional benefit is that eventually you will own the home and payments will end.  


Linked Living is able to provide custom suites in as little as 2 months.  Our suites are built solidly with 2x6 walls, and for efficiency with materials and equipment bearing the energy star label.  These additions are solidly built to last as long as your home.



The addition can be looked at as your separate apartment.  It's a place to call your own.  The kitchenette option allows cooking and dining on your own or with a friend. 

The Link's private entry door enables you to come and go without entering the main house. It allows caretakers and visitors to come and go without disruption in the main house. 

Although it is a private living suite, it is attached to the family's home.  This makes care giving much more time efficient and practical.

Smart technology can aid you if you have mobility difficulties. Many options exist including lock/unlocking the entry door by voice activation. 



Our mission is to keep family and friends together.  There are different options available when someone requires assistance and we believe that nobody cares like family.  If you and your loved one feel similarly contact us to learn more about how you can use Linked Living to solve your housing problem.