The tradition of Family.

Why choose multi-generational living?

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The best time to talk about senior living is now.


Would you like to see your family more often but would also like your own private space?

Are you active but simply no longer want the hassle of a house or the maintenance it requires?

Do you have a lot to share but could also use a help with daily tasks from time to time?

Maybe it’s time to plan for the future, take count of what matters most, and surround yourself with the greatest gift life has to give... the people you love. 


Over the last couple of decades, the number of seniors who have moved in with their adult children has doubled. More and more families are choosing embrace multi-generational living and for good reason. Although many choose to make this move when they can no longer live alone, It's not just about being taken care of. Seniors have a lot to offer and they add great value to the lives of those around them.


For those who want to live connected to family, Linked Living Homes is here to help you make a smooth transition, and your dreams of maintaining independence a reality.

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You love your parents and want to make sure they are happy and taken care of.


As they grow older they are needing more and more help with daily lives

Most seniors want to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible, and you want to respect that but also know there comes a time for change.


You know that various types of assisted living and senior  communities exist, and for some families this is can be the best option... 


Still, others find that no one cares for their parents quite the same as they do and want to take care of their parents themselves. 


For those children who would like to have their parents close enough to help but still maintain separate living spaces, Linked Living would love to help.

Linked Living Homes has a mission to enable families to live connected and take care of one another. It's an option for senior living that gives you peace of mind regarding quality of care, gives everyone their own space, and is all about family.