Family is not only an important thing; it's everything

An addition was added to the house for a grandma’s suite. Linked Living was very easy to work with and did a great job. It was a great experience.


Grandma loves her new home.



Cindy Miler

Cindy's 3 Module Linked Living Addition

Multigenerational living keeps seniors young

Seniors benefit greatly when living connected to their family.


Being part of a younger functioning family unit gives seniors a sense of purpose and  provides them with new stimulating experiences everyday that bring back memories of their earlier years.

Linked Living Additions

  • Designed specifically for seniors

  • Available in pre-set floorplans or custom built

  • Faster than traditionally built additions

  • Can be removed, relocated, or repurposed 

  • Built in a climate controlled factory setting

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Peace of mind knowing they're taken care of

Many adult children report that having their parents living next door gives them great peace of mind and is more convenient than attempting to care for them at a different property or worrying about if they are getting the care they need living elsewhere. 



Win Win Situation

Seniors in their earlier years are able to help around the house with things like babysitting and cooking but are also full of wisdom and life long lessons.


It is incredibly valuable for children in their youth and young adults to be around seniors as it gives them perspective and allows them to better appreciate the later stages of life that they will one day experience.  

Story Time


Paid in home care can bridge the gap

If the issue is not enough time, families can hire a paid aid to come into the home and help their parents. Having separate living spaces is a big benefit when using paid caregivers as they can come and help without being in the rest of the family's living space.  


This is a good solution that allows seniors to still live with their families and at an expense that is less than most assistive living options.

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Most common reasons families to do it


  • Being close to family

  • Maintaining independence

  • Saving money 

  • Living in a social community

  • Providing service to the family


The Process

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Retain your life's savings and pass them on to your family

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Frequently asked questions

Zoning Ordinances, building permits and covenants, how does it work?

Our design is pre-approved by the state of Wisconsin to meet building code. In regards to zoning our additions are categorized as an addition, no special exceptions. If you need help checking to see if your zoning code allows a Linked Living™ home addition contact us and we’ll help you check.

How do you connect electrical, plumbing, and HVAC?

All utilities are hooked up to the existing home. We prepare connections for all utilities in the existing home before we deliver the Linked Living™ home addition. When the Linked Living™ home addition arrives we simply connect the Linked Living™ home additions utilities to the prepared connections from the existing home.

How big is the Linked Living™ home addition?

Linked Living™ home additions vary in size from 140SF to 700SF

Can I customize my Linked Living™ home addition?

Customization is available upon request, contact us for details. Options include but are not limited to; flooring, window location, interior wall locations, paint colors, cabinetry layout and style, lighting, heating, plumbing fixtures.

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