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What is included?

Our services begin with a meeting to discuss if Linked Living Homes is a good fit for your needs.  We provide estimates, and manage the entire home delivery process.  When our work is done your new living area will be ready to be moved into.  We also help you navigate financing. 


After initial contact we will meet at your home to plan where and what the addition would look like as well as give you a preliminary estimate.  The most important part of this step is helping you understand what we offer and if our product may be able to serve your needs.

iStock-1097026612 (1).jpg

Note: drawing above is concept based.  Contact us for actual floor plan options!

We will design your Linked Living Home together.  Including:


  • Where it will be attached to the existing house

  • The size of the addition

  • Interior finishes

  • Exterior finishes

  • Smart home features

  • Other special requests 


Your Linked Living Home will be built at our production facility.  Building indoors keeps your lawn clean and allows us to avoid weather related issues.  Before shipping we will invite you to our facility to see your home.

mike and dad build walls up.png
Kaukauna Bay 1

We will transport and install your Linked Living Home.  Prior to installation we will have to prepare your existing house.  This means preparing all utility connections and creating a structural connection point for the new home addition. We do as much as possible at our production facility so on-site work is minimal.  We do this to avoid inconveniences and get you your home as quickly as possible.

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