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Family is everything

Family cares in a way no one else can.

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There is something special about the way that family takes care of one another.

It's more than just a job, it's about wanting the very best for the people we love and knowing what's best for them as well.


Noah's 2 Module Linked Living Addition

"We are so pleased with the work completed on our son's apartment. He has his own place and we are just a door knock away if he needs assistance. The Cops family are competent professionals and good people to work with."

~ Mary Swifka

Product Breakdown

  • Designed specifically for those with special needs

  • Available in pre-set floorplans or custom-built

  • Built in a climate controlled factory setting

  • Faster than traditionally built additions

  • Can be removed, relocated, or repurposed 

Why Linked Living?


Peace of mind 

Many family caretakers experience concern for the well being of their family member when they move into a business operated care facility.

Having a place of their own connected to your home means that family is just a doorstep away when you want to check in see how they are doing.


Paid in-home care

can bridge the gap

If the issue is not enough time, families can hire a paid aid to come into the home and help their parents. Having separate living spaces is a big benefit when using paid caregivers as they can come and help without being in the rest of the family's living space.  


This is a good solution that allows those with special needs to live with their families and at an expense that is less than most assisted living options.



A place of their own means a greater sense of independence and more privacy for everyone.

Our customers express that by adding a Linked Living Home to an existing home both parties feel a greater sense independence than if they were to live in a bedroom of the existing home.  

The people that live in these homes experience all of the same independence they would living in a home of their own with benefit of a helping hand from family right next door.


The Process

Our simple process allows us to have your unit installed in less than 3 months.

Save More

See how a Linked Living modular home can save you and your loved ones money.


View more info and designs


Find out how we can help you create the perfect modular home addition.

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