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Invest in Family

Quality of life is an investment, not an expense.

When planning your decision be sure to compare both long and short term costs as well as what you will be left with when the time comes that the housing is no longer needed. 


By purchasing a Linked Living Home you are left with an asset that can be used in multiple different ways including rental income, resale, relocation, and repurposing.

The cost comparison is based on mortgage terms of 20% down payment, 25 years amortization, and 4% interest rate. Actual rates subject to conditions.

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Find peace of mind knowing your family is being cared for.

Common ways People Pay



Senior Sells Existing Home 

Use Savings

Traditional Mortgage

If financing is needed, the most common method is to use an existing owned home as collateral for the mortgage.  As long as you have enough of the home paid off in proportion to the cost of the project and meet other credit requirements our customers typically are able to acquire financing this way.  Contact us if you would like to learn more or to request contact information for a lender that is familiar with Linked Living.

Pricing - Traditional Mortage

Sell home and use proceeds

Many seniors that move into a Linked Living Home are selling their existing home to do so.  They simply use the proceeds of the sale of their home to pay for their new one.  

Pricing - Sell home

Pay with Savings

For those who have enough savings accumulated, they can simply make payments as the project draw schedule dictates.  Payments can be made via check or online using direct deposit.

Pricing- Pay with Savings

Comparing the Costs

Monthly Cost Chart

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