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DIY - Shell Home Additions

For families that want to take on some of the work
We offer a "shell" or do it yourself product.


 We work with you to plan, create blueprints, & attain permits


We finish foundation, framing and watertight the addition.


You complete whatever portion of the work you'd like.

From Blueprint to Add-on in 3 Easy Steps

Perfect for

  • mother in law suite

  • apartment style suite addition

  • extra bedroom

  • sunroom

  • bathroom

  • room extension

Shell/DIY Addition


Why would I want a Shell?

Shells are perfect for families who want to take on some construction themselves, save money, and be a part of building a new home for their loved one.

PXL_20220216_142158665 (1).jpg

How much of the work would I do?

We can customize the project to your needs but typically we handle the framing, foundation, install, mechanical rough in, and roof to provide the customer with a water tight shell ready for work to be completed at your leisure.

We are open to doing more or less of the project depending on customer needs.

To get started on your perfect home addition, contact us below.

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