Linking Homes  

Linking Lives  


Current  Suite Construction


     2 module Suite-280 sf + Link


  • Exterior to match your home

  • Energy Star Components

  • Roll-in Shower

  • Kitchenette

  • Gas fireplace with thermostadt

For Sale!



The addition can be looked at as your separate apartment.  The kitchenette allows cooking and dining on your own or with a friend.  The Link's private entry door provides easy access to the yard and allows food delivery without interception.  (attempt at 





Linked Living Home Additions are usually paid for by use of a mortgage.  The monthly payment is can less than paying rent at a senior living apartment complex.  Linked Living is able to provide  custom suites in as little as 2 months.  Our  suites are built solidly with 2x6 walls, and for efficiency with materials and equipment bearing the energy star label.  After just 6 months of Linked Living, you will have already be enjoying the financial benefits over assisted living.  These 

additions are solidly built to last as long as your home.


Family and Friends

Our mission is to keep family and friends together.  There are many situations we believe LLH's can serve people.  If you're a snowbird, why not link up for 6 months?  LLH's can provide an added living suite for a single person or a couple.   If you need a larger space for a home office, LLH's are quiet.  If you have lost a loved one recently, why live alone?Living with those you trust helps provide security.   If you have a friend who needs a place to stay, maybe you can share some costs and live simpler.

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