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A Granny Pod Success Story. Adding on for Multigenerational Living


A few months ago, we installed a 3 module In-Law suite to a home in Seymour, WI. Now, we want to share the Davies' story in starting this new chapter of their life.

About Brenda and Ken

Brenda and her husband, Ken, recently moved to Wisconsin to be closer to their grandchildren. Their son had previously bought a house and was living there with his wife and two children. Grandpa & grandma Davies wanted to join the family, especially to be with the grandkids. They knew they wanted to be on the same property to spend quality time with them every single day. Whether it's keeping an eye on them, transporting them to various activities, or simply being a part of their lives, Brenda and her husband wanted to cherish every moment. That’s where Linked Living came into the picture.

Planning the Solution

We first met Brenda and Ken at our shop in Appleton, where they had the opportunity to see a few ongoing projects, meet our team, and learn more about how we can best serve them. After our initial meeting, we visited their property and then sat down at a local coffee shop to work together and design a Linked Living addition for their home. We listened to them and catered to their needs, taking everything into account as we designed the layout. At the same time as we were designing the addition and providing preliminary pricing to the Davies family we were checking on permitting to ensure we would be able to construct the addition we were planning. We complete a routine permitting feasibility analysis as a part of every project.

Building the Granny Pod

Shortly after we created the floor plan, we started constructing the addition in our shop. Building the modules in a controlled environment allows us to better stay on schedule, keeps materials dry, and gives us more visibility to manage the project. After a few months in our shop we were ready to install the addition on their property. We loaded the trucks and sent our team to install the Granny Pod. The pods were installed with a watertight roof in one day and a couple weeks later they had their occupancy permit and were ready to move in.

We are thrilled to have worked with Brenda and Ken on building this addition. It’s our mission as a company is to enable families to live connected and take care of one another. We are thankful to have been a part of that for the Davies family. It’s very rewarding knowing that Grandpa and Grandma Davies are setup to spend quality time with their family and we played a part in making that happen.

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