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Senior Suites, Granny Pods, and Mother-In-law Suites Built In Appleton Wisconsin.


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Seniors benefit greatly when living connected to their family.

Being part of a younger functioning family unit gives seniors a sense of purpose and provides them with new stimulating experiences every day that bring back memories of their earlier years.


Edgerly Family Senior Suite Addition

"Upon searching for a company to help build an in-law suite for our mom, we’re so blessed to have found Linked Living Homes to turn our vision into reality.  We love that she’s right next door when we or our boys need her, with the peace of mind that we’re right next door when she needs us."

~ Lao Edgerly



Certain projects are best built on site with traditional stick build methods.  Linked Living offers both stick built and modular options.


Certain projects lend themselves well to a modular approach to a home addition.  We are able to build a home addition inside of our shop and install it on site.  Some benefits include less disturbance on site, faster completion, materials protected indoors, and efficiencies of working inside the facility.

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1. Peace of mind 

Many adult children report that having their parents living next door gives them great peace of mind and is more convenient than attempting to care for them at a different property or worrying about if they are getting the care they need living elsewhere. 

2. Win Win Situation

Seniors in their earlier years are able to help around the house with things like babysitting and cooking but are also full of wisdom and life long lessons.


It is incredibly valuable for children in their youth and young adults to be around seniors as it gives them perspective and allows them to better appreciate the later stages of life that they will one day experience.  

3. Paid in-home care

can bridge the gap

If the issue is not enough time, families can hire a paid aid to come into the home and help their parents. Having separate living spaces is a big benefit when using paid caregivers as they can come and help without being in the rest of the family's living space.  


This is a good solution that allows seniors to live with their families and at an expense that is less than most assistive living options.

4. Financial Savings

Bringing parents into your home can provide financial benefits to everyone involved.

Shared living expenses drive down the cost of living for everyone involved.


Seniors look forward to retaining their lives savings in order to pass them down to their children one day.

One day when your loved one passes away the living space is an asset that can be used for the next generation, sold and moved to another family, rented for additional income, or simply used for additional living space.

The Process

Our simple process allows us to have your unit installed in less than 3 months.

Save More

See how a Linked Living Home can save you and your loved seniors money.


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