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10 - 30 year chart

Frequently asked questions

What is the normal payment plan for a Linked Living™ home addition?

Linked Living™ home additions can be paid in cash, traditional mortgage, or reverse mortgage. You are free to use whatever lending organization you prefer to work with. Contact us if you would like to work with a lender that is already familiar with our product.

What happens if I want to remove the Linked Living™ home addition in 20 years when my parents are no longer around?

We’ve designed and built Linked Living™ home additions to be easy to remove. In normal circumstances we can handle the removal and restore your yard to its original state. There is even potential for these homes to be resold to Linked Living Homes.

Do I need to buy a Link, or can I buy a Linked Living™ home addition without it?

You do not need to buy a link. You can purchase a Linked Living™ home addition with or without the link.

Is there any way that I can cut costs on my Linked Living™ home addition?

Yes, there are a couple different ways to minimize costs. One way is by choosing affordable materials and design options during the design and estimating processes. Another way is you take on some of the work yourself. This can be tricky so contact us to see how this works and what options are available in your situation.