Our Mission

To Bring Families Together - To promote family living, especially among the elderly or those needing special assistance. To remove physical barriers and fears, making living in extended families attainable and successful. 

How We Began

Tom Cops,  has worked in the Fox Valley and beyond for 23 years as co-owner of Cops Construction until 2017.  Due to some life changing events, he was no longer able to continue.  After a years recuperation,  Tom was able to start a business which was talked about with past co-workers.  Remodeling for those with disabilities was talked about as a future goal because Tom and 2 other co-workers at Cops had close relatives with disabilities.  These discussions led Tom to start SFR. 


The business began as a remodeling company focused on assisting seniors' families to be able to make modifications to their existing homes, to enable primarily single seniors to live within the family.   While developing the business, SFR was brought to the idea that we could build additions and link them to homes.  SFR believes that these additions can serve many families well, and so we are working almost entirely on Linked Living Homes TM at this time.

A Proud Family Business

SFR owner and family shown above

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