Building Additions. Creating Homes.

It starts with a 10ft x 14 ft standard Module 


Customize the Interior


Pick the number and configuration of modules


Customize the Exterior


Ship to your House

After it's built:


If you no longer need it, we'll buy it back.

Linked Living Homes are pre-fabricated modular home additions. After being built at our production site, they are transported and installed as an addition to an existing home. An external hallway is the link between the two living areas and provides independence as well as a connection. The Linked Living Home looks and feels like a private apartment suite.

Semi-independent addition + Custom built + Removable and resell-able

Roof Construction

Click   Here for Virtual Tour!

Click   Here for Virtual Tour!

2 Module

280 SF

3 Module "I"

420 SF

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

1 Module

140 SF

3 Module "L"

420 SF

3 Module "F"

420 SF

Which Linked Living Home is Right for YOU? Check out our NEW Virtual Tours!

Floor Plan Options

Linked Living Homes are suited for 1-2 people.  Standard additions range from 140-460 sf and we custom design the home to suit your unique needs.  We recommend 2-3 modules for an addition but more or less can be used as well. 

Remove and Re-purpose

Linked Living Homes are easily removable.  Re-purposing options include reselling the addition to Seniors First Remodeling LLC, using as a home office, man cave, re-locating the LLH for a cottage or stand alone tiny home.  We are able to re-locate the LLH for you! 

A Quick Peek at the Process



Prep House


Welcome your loved ones home.

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